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Cannot sign into virgin media account or emails

Tuning in

For over 3 weeks now I have been unable to sign into my virgin media account or virgin media emails via my pc or via my phone. After I input my email & password it just hangs there with the virgin media logo showing, seemingly buffering. Have contacted VW virtual assistant & VW whatsapp but both are useless.

Prior to this I could not send/receive emails at all for over a week. Whats going on VW? I am still paying for this broken service !!!


On our wavelength

I feel your pain davtree.  I haven't seen anything from VM in the Tech Chatter that acknowledges the problem you describe.  I have tried to explain that over the phone as well and still nothing.  The suggestion to change your password seems to work for some people and not others.  Some sort of proper explanation as to why the service doesn't work and what they're doing to fix it would be nice and go some way to helping reduce frustration levels.