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Cannot send emails since weekend work.

Just to add to the growing list (and that's only those who come on here to post..)

Since sometime over the weekend (when there were "we're performing maintenance" pages..) , I can no longer send emails via SMTP, with previously working settings (receive is still OK). Same issue wether on main PC, or android email client (either on own network, or 4G, which rules out blacklisting).

Getting auth credentials failed when checked the logs in Thunderbird.

I've seen the other posts of people having the same problem, and worringly someone saying they have been told it be going on until the 17th!!

Can we *PLEASE* have an update as to what the issue is and when it's going to be resolved. 

all my email addresses are from many may years ago.. 

Also got the "can't accces my profile" issue as well.