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Cannot send emails from outlook today

Today I have not been able to send emails from outlook on widows 10 using Virgin Media SMTP.

Turning on logging on Outlook shows the following in the log

2020.09.16 15:48:52 SMTP ( <rx> 525 5.7.13 Authentication Denied (VM305)

2020.09.16 15:48:52 SMTP ( Retrying authorization

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( Finding host

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( Securing connection

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( Connected to host

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 220 know-smtprelay-9-imp cmsmtp ESMTP server ready

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( [tx] EHLO MarkEliteBook840G1

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-know-smtprelay-9-imp hello [], pleased to meet you

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-HELP

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-SIZE 52000000

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-PIPELINING

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250-8BITMIME

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 250 OK

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( Authorizing to server

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( [tx] AUTH LOGIN

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 334 hidden

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( [tx] hidden

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( <rx> 334 hidden

2020.09.16 15:48:55 SMTP ( [tx] *****

2020.09.16 15:49:00 SMTP ( <rx> 525 5.7.13 Authentication Denied (VM305)

I have also been unable to send emails, also using Virgin Media SMTP, from my mobile phone over the home (virgin media) WIFI.

I have also been unable to send an email, over the home WIFI, from another laptop using the credentials for another virgin media mail box.

I can however, send emails using Virgin Media SMTP from my phone if I turn off the WIFI and turn on mobile data.

Therefore, the issue may be related to the external IP address ([Removed]) virgin media has allocated. I have checked this IP address using which states

  RESULTS OF LOOKUP not listed in at least the past 28 days.

To check if the issue is external IP address related can I get a new IP address allocated?

And/Or can you check if this address is on any of your spamhaus lists?


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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Cannot send emails from outlook today


I am afraid that you cannot change the external IP address due to the way the addresses are issued, even changing this will not change the fact of the cause of the problem.

The error VM305 has only one cause something on your local network has a spambot that is sending spam.

Please follow :- to find what device the spambot is on.

You can check your listing yourself but there is no point requesting removal until you have found and deleted the spambot. and type in your external IP you can gets this my typing "whats my ip" into google.

If you are running Hola VPN Free, then note But Hola Free VPN is anything but a VPN.

Regards Mike

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