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Cannot get email on iPad or iPhone

On our wavelength

I've used a blueyonder email address for years on iPad and iPhone. Two days ago iPad stopped working, with error message "No password provided". This morning the iPhone stopped being able to access email, same message. As suggested I've changed my password, can get to my email via the virgin media site, but it's proving impossible to get Mail working again on iPad and iPhone.

True weirdness - when I take a screenshot of the 'missing password' error message screen the password vanishes, when I take a photo of the same screen the password is there (though dots)


On our wavelength

Sorted - and I guess the answer is to give it time. 2 hours after my password change I was finally able to reinstall the accounts on iPad and iPhone. 

Hi Mapsal, welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear of your recent email issues. Glad to hear they have resolved themselves! 
Please feel free to get back in touch if the issue returns and you need further support. 

You can find general support for managing your email accounts here: How to manage my email account, but the route you followed of resetting your password and re-setting up the email accounts on your device is often a good fix!

Wishing you all the best!