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Can't see old emails on new PC

Joining in

After 2 hours of being passed from pillar to post amongst different Virgin departments, I am no further forward in my issue.

I have bought a new PC and need to set up my emails.  We have an old blueyonder email and have been told that these won't work with outlook.  I have managed to get it to work with windows mail but I can't see any emails before yesterday.  The same happens when I log into My Virgin Media and access my emails that way - nothing showing before yesterday, although strangely enough, the trash folder had emails form 2011-2015 but nothing recent.  No-one seems to know what they are doing and I am still without access to previous emails.

Please can anyone help?


On our wavelength

A couple of questions.

  • What version of Outlook are you using, is it part of an Office package or web ( based?
  • If using an office version of Outlook did you have a process of transferring emails into local folders, this includes the inbox in Outlook and not the imap inbox? 

If you did save them locally then it's likely the emails are stored in a local *.pst file on your old PC. You can find information on transferring your old data files here   I'm leaning toward this being the case on you saying that the old emails don't show up when you log into My Virgin Media.  The deleted 2011-2015 emails you mention sound like they're legacy deletions from something you or VM did in the past when switching systems so you can probably discount them.

I'm asking because storing locally is somethig I have done with various email accounts since the mid 90's which includes blueyonder emails dating back over 20 years.

Also, "We have an old blueyonder email and have been told that these won't work with outlook" isn't true. I can send as well as receive emails within Outlook from my blueyonder email account, I rarely ever send them but it works if ever I choose to send from that account.

edit: If you do have a *.pst make sure you take a copy of it before trying anything.  Another tip I have would be just to add your old *.pst as a separate mailbox in Outlook,you can then just leave it as is or copy and paste folders and messages to the new *.pst within Outlook.

Thank you for your help.  I am using Windows mail (is that the same as outlook??).  it is what came with the office package.  I don't really understand everything else that you have said about .pst files, but I will try at the weekend to plug my old computer in and look at the information you have given me to see if I can work it out.  I really appreciate your help, thank you.

Hi Frustrated1501,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry to hear your unable to see older Emails on your PC, once you have tired all that paulw7 has advised please let us know how you get on, if you do need any further help, please do not hesitate to reach back out.



On our wavelength

I have Outlook connected to blueyonder. It gets all my emails from blueyonder. Did you set up a Microsoft account first - then connect it to your blueyonder account.  The only problem with the connection that while it gets all my Inbox emails it only has some folders (I have quite a lot) and only some of the emails in them. I dont think any of my moves of Inbox emails on blueyonder to folders are reflected at all in Outlook.

On our wavelength

Hi Paul See my post below. I would like to copy my blueyonder folders and not just my Inbox emails to my Outlook account. (I understand Virgin may discontinue its email service in the not too distant future, so I would like to prepare and transfer all necessary emails/data now. I would be happy to continue with blueyonder but I don't want to get suddenly caught short) Any advice about transferring folders to another email account like Outlook would be v. welcome. Presumably there must be some way to do it.  Many thanks.  By all means Direct Message me if that works