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Can't login to my virgin media on mobile

Tuning in

Hi.I hadn't logged in for a few months and when i tried yesterday i noticed the website had changed. Before, there were two boxes, one for email and the other for passwords which are saved. Now there is one box where i put my addy in and it won't recognise it so can't continue. I logged in ok on PC and on my tablet, however on my tablet it just kept saying logging in.I've tried my daughter's mobile and can't login on that either.Tried different browsers and it still won't recognise my addy.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Echo005 wrote:

Now there is one box where i put my addy in and it won't recognise it so can't continue.

I don't log in to my VM email accounts on my phone very often - I use an email app to manage emails on my phone.

However, I have just tried signing directly into a couple of VM accounts on my Android phone and had no problem.

I am a bit surprised that the you seem to be getting an error as soon as you put the email address in.

Are you actually getting an error at the address stage or after you have entered the password?

I have tried to replicate that on my phone and even when I enter a non existent VM email address it still allows me to enter a password. I also tried entering a non VM email address and again it allowed me to enter a password. Of course in both cases the sign in failed after I had entered the password.

The only way I could get an error at the email address screen was by entering a non valid email address, for example by leaving the .com or out at the end of the address or missing out the @ symbol. It then came up with "Please enter a valid email address" error.

What happens when you try using this link to sign in  on your phone.




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Cheers. Seems to be working ok now

Thanks for the update Echo005,

We're pleased to hear that you're able to log back in to and access your online account.

If you have any further issues, please come back to us through this channel.

Kind regards Jodi.