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Can send messages but can't receive em client on win7 pc

Would be grateful for some help to what seems to be a common and unexciting question!

Using em client for a while, all of a sudden round lunch time em client refuses to receive emails from my virgin mailbox although I can send them ok. error just says connection attempt failed.

(Was using opera for ages but had to change to em client because it stopped sending emails! Nothing I could do to fix it.)

With em client have tried reinstalling, checked send receive settings, tried changing to alternative settings i.e. ports, retyped in password nothing works.

Installed Mailbird, it wont connect to the server either citing a connection problem so looks like something at Virgin Medias 'end', what have they fiddled with and how can I get them to fix it? (ntlworld address.)

Many thanks.🙂

🙈oh just noticed in recent posted column lots of others having this problem saying servers down for pop3 sorry!!!!

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