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Can Virgin delete my email account?

Joining in

My emails from my ntlworld account have just stopped, I asked Virgin Media why and I was told my account has been deleted. I have not been  a Virgin media customer for 5 years, is this practice normal?


Alessandro Volta

Yes, strangely VM does delete old email accounts of former customers without notice. Somewhere back in the T&Cs you signed up to 5 years ago it would have mentioned VM will delete email accounts within 90 days of leaviing VM.

In the best of VM traditions though, VM doesn't do this reliably and many accounts live on, some of which last for decades.

Depending on what stage of deletion the account is at, some have been granted a reprieve in the past and very temporary access to carry out a rescue mission of data in the account.

You need to post in the 'Email' forum as VM forum staff don't usually reply here in 'Community Natter'. Someone might move this topic over for you.