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Blueyonder password reset

Joining in


My late Father had an email address.

We don't know the password to this account, I would like to reset it so that I can periodically check the account through web mail or eventually close it in the future.

We still have some access to this account - he had the outlook app installed on his computer which is signed into this blueyonder account and is still receiving emails so it hasn't been disabled due to inactivity or anything. Of course just having access only through outlook doesn't allow me to reset the password or delete the account.

His Virgin Media account is now under my Mother's name and email address (a hotmail one). Signing into her VM account doesn't show a record of the blueyonder email account. Browsing to webmail under account settings says there is nothing setup for her account.

If I try and use the 'forgotten password' function as the blueyonder address then it tells me 'Please ensure you provide the email address you use to sign in to My Virgin Media.'


Any advice on how to reset this would be appreciated.





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Kyronn94 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your Fathers email and I am so sorry for your loss. 

Can I ask if the email address in question is used as the log in email for the My Virgin Media account? 

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

It is not - the email for logging into My Virgin Media is my Mother's email account, a hotmail address.

Something that may help - I've just found an old screenshot of my dad's VM contract which shows the account number - xxxxxxx01
My mother's current account number is that exact same number, incremented by one - xxxxxxx02

I don't know if that means that a new account was created or if the ownership of the original account was transferred.



Thank you for popping back to me @Kyronn94 

Is the email account is still linked to the current account then we may be able to change the password for you, but in order to do so we do need to speak to the named account holder for security.

Would your Mum be able to pop a message on here from her own account and I'd be more than happy to pop her a Private Message to see if we can reset the password? 

I think now that the accounts may not be linked. Viewing 'Manage other My Virgin Media accounts' on my mother's account gives me the following:



I assume that if they were linked then my dad's account would appear here?

What can we do if the accounts are not linked?



If the account isn't linked we wouldn't be able to change the password @Kyronn94 

But if your Mum can create an account and reach out I'd be more than happy to check for you?