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Blueyonder email gone missing

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I hope someone can help with this. My Dad's email has gone missing 2 days ago and although I understand Virgin's email problem is now resolved, it hasn't come back. He is nearly 90 and very upset by the sudden loss of email. This is complicated by the fact that he has a blueyonder email address. I look after his account which was changed to my email address (as signed up for this chat) but still in his name about 5 years ago and he has continued using the blueyonder email address as a loyal Virgin Media customer. He has resisted changing his email address as "everyone knows it".  

We have set up a gmail address which he can use going forward but can't get into his blueyonder account (which was forwarding to Thunderbird) to access his contact lists to make sure all are switched over.

Is there any way to access the blueyonder account? Is there any way to safely migrate his blueyonder account to gmail? I have found a site that claims to do that but am nervous because it wants a lot of information and we are worried about being scammed or his data being hijacked.

Any help gratefully received. Thank you


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @wardahelwa

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm really sorry to hear of your father's email address related issues. Do you happen to know if the affected email address is linked to an account with an active broadband service?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi, I am not sure if it attached to the contract. My Dad is the contract holder and it is his email address but I don't remember the two being linked when he set up a new account on moving house about 5 years ago.

Okay thank you.


I will send you a private message now so we can see if this is linked to an active account.


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Evening everyone. I'm a blueyonder email account also. I haven't had emails since Sunday 18th June. My email address is a secondary on the account but it used for just about everything. I've just been in contact with the helpdesk (very nice lady) but to no avail can they see any problem. They have raised a problem ticket but I need this sorting ASAP. I tried the reset pasword advice on the "Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable" page. No luck. Cannot access webmail using either the primary or secondary email accounts. Outlook syncs are failling with "cannot connect to the server". Help please......

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Oh and it doesn't help when a pre-recorded messsage tells you it ssorted and we'll send you en email. How do you get to read this 🤣

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You might find this report from BBC news interesting and a little more informative: Virgin Media email service users suffer lengthy failure - BBC News

Dialled in

Virgin Media's UK Broadband ISP Customers Suffer Email Outage UPDATE5 - ISPreview UK 

Virgin Media email service users suffer lengthy failure - BBC News


UPDATE 21st June 2023 @ 2:45pm

many of Virgin Media’s customers report having received the following notification today:

Problems are still being reported, and the latest official line on VMO2’s fault report is that they “hope to fix this by 23 June at 13:00“. IT Experts say, email problems like this can take several days to fully resolve. But for some, that will mark almost an entire working week without fully functional Virgin Media Mail access, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll be resolved by then either. Virgin Media email is no longer available to new customers, but many existing customers still rely on it for work. I wonder if this is indicative to VM eventually abandoning email totally especially after their merger with 02. 

Tuning in

also now thinking of leaving Virgin media in response to all this - but I want my historic data back first!!!!

Its now 25/6/23 and no message update to us all about why Virgin failed to meet their own project timeline and what they are doing about it. 


Anyone know what we can do? Can we do anything? (and are these VM replies BOTs not humans?!)