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Blueyonder email account

Hi , i recently moved home and took my services with me as i wanted to keep my blueyonder email account as i have a lot of emails saved on the account. I can still send/receive emails via windows 10 mail services but my email account for blueyonder now comes up with 

"We didn't recognise the username or password you entered. Please try again."

which means i can no longer access the saved messages.

Any help on this ?


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Re: Blueyonder email account

@chrisnjoanne when you say 'recently moved home', that wouldn't be around three months ago or so, would it?

The reason I ask is that when you move even if taking your services with you, it closes your old account and creates a new one - what should happen is that you are offered a 'move and transfer' by which the email addresses are transferred from the old account to the new one, I'm going to speculate that this wasn't done and the email address have been marked for deletion as 'orphaned accounts'

I'll flag this for the forum team who will offer to contact you via direct message to get some information and see what can be done. If this has only been a recent occurrence then it's quite possible that the mailbox hasn't yet been deleted so a move and transfer should be viable retrospectively.

One caveat is that doing this will wipe out (permanently) any new email addresses you may have created on the new account.

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Re: Blueyonder email account

Hi chrisnjoanne,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you are unable to log into your Bueyonder Email account, I have been able to locate your account with the details we have for you, so I can help further I will invite you into a private chat, please click on the purple envelope once received?



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