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My 78 year old mother has recently changed her PC and can no longer access any of her blueyonder emails. She has had this address for 20 plus years, and does not want to change it. 

Having recently moved into sheltered accommodation, she has no choice of Broadband provider, and i understand Virgin will not support her as she left Virgin Media (after being a customer for SEVERAL years) in Feb 2020. But it is only now with a new PC that the email issues have started - what can we do? 

We've been told that she could "buy" the address from Virgin which she would be willing to do.



I'm afraid, there is no long term solution for this. Once your mother left VM, then her BlueYonder email address and mailbox should have been deleted after about 90 days as per the Ts and Cs. Unfortunately VM can be a bit lax in actually doing this on schedule and the mailbox carries on working, the ex-customer just assumes that it always will do so and blithely continues to use it.

Until the day comes that it gets caught up in a periodic cleanup and disabled and eventually deleted with no further warning. And this can be many, many years later - which would seem to be the case here.

Now there is a slight possibility that a member of the forum team can intervene and check the status of the mailbox and maybe, and I must stress maybe, restore temporary access to it. But again I have to stress, this will be temporary and a one-time only offer. But it should be sufficient time to copy any emails she wishes to keep and notify all contacts of a new address.

VM have no facility to pay them to just maintain an email address, and indeed they have recently stopped creating new addresses for new customers entirely. Also the person who said, you could somehow buy the address from Virgin is wrong - that simply cannot be done as it isn't the way that email works.

I'm afraid you have to start the process of getting her a new email address (a free one from Gmail or Outlook will be fine), hope that VM can give temporary access back and start the process of moving over to it.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello there EFC3769, thanks for posting on our help forum with your issue.

We're sorry to hear about the email account being inaccessible after your mother moved to new premises and using a different pc, please be advised if she is a former customer this email account will normally be terminated within 90-120 days after the service disconnection and cannot be retrieved afterwards.

We could still help out with deleting the email account after you've left us in case it's still active after the 3-4 month period is passed.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this, please also note buying the email account to keep using it is not an option we could offer.

Again, we regret to confirm this is the case as we understand the frustration this may cause.
Let us know if you have more questions or concerns, happy to help.

Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person

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