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Blocked from email account

I've been unable to access my email account for over a month.  I've made a formal complaint which has been dealt with poorly - I've spoken to numerous people at Virgin who have all promised call backs from the person who can help, but those call backs never come.  This is my main email account and is causing huge inconvenience to me.  There is no issue with my account (in terms of payments etc) - no technical issue with broadband etc - but the problem remains unresolved.  I have tried logging in from different devices and via different servers, and I have changed passwords. Nothing so far is fixing it.   Any idea's? 



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Re: Blocked from email account

@frustratedSW wrote:

  Any idea's? 

You are going to have to post a lot more information before anyone can offer any ideas.😉

How are you accessing your VM email? Are you using an email app on your phone, email software (such as Outlook or Mail) on a pc or are you accessing the email account directly through a browser via a link such as this ?

Also, you need to say exactly what error messages you are seeing when you try to access the account.


I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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