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Blocked e-mail needs secondary address to unblock, routes all emails through secondary servers

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A few months ago I had what seems to be becoming a relatively common problem - being locked out of my blueyonder e-mail and having to reset the system using my secondary e-mail address and a new password.  That was not easy - as at the time virtually no-one on the support line knew anything about the problem, which appears to be security related. 

I've understood for a while that all my emails sent from blueyonder are actually routed through my secondary address.  This is not ideal but just about acceptable. It would have helped if I had been told about this routing when setting up this system.

Now, a new issue has arisen: e-mails from my blueyonder address to any e-mail address with as recipient are blocked and the Mail delivery system responds with: 

"This mail has been blocked because the sender is unauthenticated. 550-5.7.26 Gmail requires all senders to authenticate with either SPF or DKIM."  and then a lot more numbers and unhelpful information.

This message about blocking was sent from my secondary e-mail system, despite the original, now blocked e-mail being sent from blueyonder.

If I send the identical e-mail to the identical address using my secondary e-mail there is no problem.  When I sent an e-mail to the same recipient on Friday (three days ago) there was no problem. 

This is obviously caused by Virgin requiring use of the secondary e-mail but the phone line help indicated that this problem was beyond their remit.  On payment of what seem quite large sums of money they would perhaps send a different team who might be able to resolve the problem.  This is quite unacceptable and along with the general increases in price and decrease in technical service is likely to see me leaving blueyonder after almost 25 years .  There is no particular reason why I should remain if the e-mail does not work acceptably but does elsewhere.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi VK50,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our commu7nity and welcome back, we are sorry to hear you are not happy with the issue with secondary Emails and the fix given, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused, this has been fed back.