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Been hacked and cannot now access blueyonder emails at all

Joining in

I have received a threatening email saying my blueyonder account has been hacked and demanding money saying they will post personal information and messages and videos on hat show I access porn sites etc (which I don’t do anyway).  They have not only hacked into my blueyonder account saying what my password is, but they also hacked into my Netflix twice, but managed to recover them, they have taken over my social media including Facebook which I now cannot get into, and they are trying to take over my Microsoft.   This is completely unacceptable and I see numerous other people who have had the same problem, and all seem to be since VM had the problems with the emails a number of weeks ago so I am wondering whether they were in fact hacked and our details linked ???  
I cannot access my account now at all as when it tried to reset the password it said my account didn’t exist.  
Please help urgently as I need this sorting.