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Anyone know how to migrate 20 years worth of emails into a more stable platform?

Tuning in

My email is being deleted as it's 'legacy' and now I'm having to do all the fun things that go with that territory.

Can I migrate the emails to Gmail?  If so, how?

And would anyone be able to tell me if emails I have set up off the back of my email address will also be deleted (I'm thinking of my 82 YO Mum here and how I might explain how to download her contacts and migrate her emails into a more stable platform) as that will be another interesting challenge!


Alessandro Volta

This past topic may help

the topic is old now but the software is still available.

Using another email account for archiving your old VM emails going back a long way in time is generally not recommended as they are subject to the mercy of the email provider (as you have discovered with VM).

If your mother is not a VM broadband customer with her VM email linked to her VM broadband account, and she is using a legacy VM email address such as, her account may be subject to being deleted at any time.

If she is a VM broadband customer the VM email address she is using must be linked to the broadband account.

Thanks, Goslow.

It's not as a back up, simply because I'm legacy.  Mum's email is one of the 4 that I was able to set up off the back of my account - them were the days, when email addresses were shiney and new and platforms thought this would be a great way of building huge databases with which to sell their wares to.

So I'm thinking that once VM delete my email, hers will also cease to exist.

I wonder if anyone at VM has ever considered this sort of thing?

Or if any of the mods want to jump in with answers - but then no one at VM is talking to me about anything at the mo.  It's almost as if they just don't want to officially say what they are doing.

Anyways, thank you.