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Any contact emails for Virgin Media Please

Joining in

Does anybody please have any contact email addresses for Virgin Media please? 

Thanks In advance


Alessandro Volta

@ELoi4092 wrote:

Does anybody please have any contact email addresses for Virgin Media please? 

Thanks In advance

There is no customer-facing email for VM. If this relates to your earlier query today ref a complaint, you'd do best to stick with that original topic

VM's complaints processes are fairly worthless, you might get a more useful outcome ref your installation by elaborating a bit more on the issue on the topic above and see if there is anything that the VM forum team can do to help you. If not, then follow one of the complaint routes from the topic above or process a complaint via the VM forum team.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ELoi4092, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you have issues with the service and we do not have an email contact. 

Would you be able to confirm what the query is regarding and we will aim to assist. ^Chris. 

My email address is [MOD EDIT: Personal details] and I would like to talk about the terrible way I have been treated by Virgin Media and the constant lies I have been told. 

I look forward to hearing from you Chris. 

Thanks for coming back to us ELoi4092,

Can you tell us what has happened to make you feel this way? Is it to do with a fault, billing issue or something else entirely?

If you can tell us what your query is about, we may be able to assist you further. Unfortunately, if it's to do with new package deal or contract change this is not something we deal with from this forum.

If it is relating to the issue above, you will need to contact our team directly on 150/0345 454 1111 or use our WhatsApp messaging service on 0730 532 7112.

Please let us know what your query is so we can assist you further.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hi Jodi, Unfortunately I cannot speak to anybody to help me. I have 3 complaints open and I get no answers to any of these!

I have wasted hours on the telephone, web chat and WhatsApp over 25 hours in total and still I get no answers.

I would like somebody to call me who has authority to do something about my installation. All the external work has been done and the installation should of taken place on 8th Nov! Since then you have made over 7 appointments and either failed to turn up (without notifying me and I have taken 2 days of work to ensure I was at home.

VM customer services is absolutely awful and I have come to the conclusion that they have no authority to do anything other than answer the phone. The LIES I have been told and yesterday a customer services assistant actually put the phone down on me!

Is there any further reply please

Hi ELoi4092,

Thanks for your further post in regards to your installation complaint, I am sorry yo have experienced delays with this. 

I can see from your previous posts and from your services on my side that your complaint case is already with the Installation Complaints team, which is the correct process. 

We would not be able to interfere with this case whilst the install complaints team have ownership as it is with the correct team.

They will keep you updated as and when they get correspondence from the field team about your installation. 

I am sorry there is nothing more we can do from here.

Kind regards,


HI Megan,
Thank you for confirming that my complaint is with The Installation Complaints Team, but I made the complaint over a week ago and I have still heard nothing.
The temperatures are 15 degrees outside and I am living in a house with no heating as I need the wifi for my heati9ng to work.
Please please can you highlight this to the installation team, as they were suppose to install on 8th November and I am SO desperate.