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Another Blueyonder e-mail problem

Why does my e-mail address not accept incoming e-mails from domains? I can send to domains perfectly well, however any replies or new e-mails from domains to my domain simply don't come through.

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Re: Another Blueyonder e-mail problem

@ColonelWhite wrote:

Why does my e-mail address not accept incoming e-mails from domains?

There are many possible reasons for that and without a bit more information it is impossible to know what's going on.

The first thing I'll say is that I have just sent a couple of test emails from my account to my and my addresses and they arrived fine which suggests there is no across the board issue with emails arriving in virgin email accounts.

Just  three quick questions:

  1. By "domains" (plural) do you just mean any emails that come from an address? is a domain and you cannot have more than one domain with the same name but obviously there are many email addresses which use the domain.
  2. Do the senders of these missing emails get any error messages back when they try to send emails to your Blueyonder address?
  3. Are there a number of addresses you are cannot receive or is it only one?

The first thing to check is that the missing emails are not in your spam folder. (I am sure you have done that already.)

I see from your posting history that you use the Outlook email client to manage your emails so the next thing is to sign in to your Blueyonder address directly on the VM website from here  

Check whether the missing emails are there either in the inbox or the spam folder.

If they are not you should follow these steps to check for any filter rues in your webmail account that may be directing these emails away from your inbox:

filter rules steps.png

If there  are any you should disable them and see if new emails arrive ok when your contacts send you an email.

Any email accounts that have been blacklisted in your account will also be listed on that page so check whether there are any addresses listed and delete those addresses from the list.

Your email client Outlook also has the option to set Filter Rules but Microsoft call them "Rules and Alerts" so you need to check for those as well.

From the main screen in Outlook click on File > Manage Rules & Alerts to open the Rules and Alerts dialog box and they will all be listed.  If there are any, just remove the tick from the box on the left to disable them.

Outlook rules.png

Those suggestions cover the obvious and usual causes but if none of them helps then post back.


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