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Add additional email address not change email address

Before I mess this up. I want to create an additional email address to work alongside my current one. I have gone into My Profile - Manage Accounts - Set up a New VM account and filled in the details. The email account is not taken but I get a message saying

Your new email address will be [REMOVED]. This will also be the username for services like TV Anywhere Please confirm you're happy with this by clicking the button below or choose a new email address.

That suggests it will replace my old one and not be an additional one - have I got this all wring 


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Re: Add additional email address not change email address

@paulzh My Profile > Manage Accounts > Create a new account does just create a secondary email account and does not alter the primary address in any way.

The reference to the secondary account being the username for services like ... is poorly worded in my opinion, as well as being out of date.  TV Anywhere has been renamed TV Go and is only accessible by the primary username.  Secondary accounts cannot access TV Go.  There may be other services for which the secondary account acts as a username but these will act independently to the primary account.


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