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Accidental spam, can't reply to email.

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Hi, I accidentally marked an email as spam after responding. So now I'm unable to reply to any future emails that they send to me. I keep getting this error message. 


Message contains Spam Content ;id=8j9jqf0kXhvLN8j9jq3aHC;sid=8j9jqf0kXhvLN;mta=smtp1.tb;d=20230612;t=170831[CET];ipsrc=;


is there any way to solve this?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Marking a message as spam, or not, has no affect on the future identification of the same and/or similar message, read more here:

Marking an email or sender as spam

If you mark a specific email as spam or not spam, the filter will move that email to the relevant folder. However, your account won’t remember to filter out future messages from that sender.

Source: How to stop spam e-mails | Virgin Media Help

False positive Spam Content Found issues usually resolve themselves but should the issue persist beyond 24 hours post back here.

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Find the 1st email in the spam folder and mark it as not spam