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Access blueyonder email address through Thunderbird email client

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Can someone help please

Since the weekends emails episode with Virgin media, I am now unable to access my blueyonder emails through Thunderbird email. I can assess the email account online through the Virgin media sign in. I have tried to set up the account through my outlook and still can not connect.

I have been able to change passwords so I know they are right but the email program refuses to accept password and will not connect. I have check all details and they appear to be right. Is there still ongoing issues with Virgin that are preventing this. I have had my Blueyonder email address for many years and do not want to have to change it.

Thank you



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM have recently changed the log in requirements for accessing VM Mail via third party apps.

If you change the password for the account in My Virgin Media > Account settings > Account details you will not be able to use the new password to access the account via an email client. Email client access now requires an app specific password which can be generated in the MyVM > Account Settings > Account details > Mailbox App password management.

Use the generated app password in the password fields for incoming and outgoing servers in Thunderbird for the email addresses concerned


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media, I'm a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. Please read the FAQs
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Would have been nice if Virgin had alerted us to this 😥

Hi @jandickson 👋 Thank you for your post 😀

We're sorry you weren't made aware of this 😔

Advice on using an email "client" app to access your email can be found on our website here

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support @Graham_A 👍


On our wavelength

Now you will have a Password for Web Mail (Browser) and different Password for Clients/Apps (Thunderbird, Live Mail Etc) for the same email address, You need to set the password using Mobile My Virgin Media app for  Clients/Apps, It will give you a new a password that only works with Clients/Apps. You can also do this by logging into Web mail, just make sure you are changing the password for Clients/Apps, as using Web Mail (Browser) you can change both (Web Mail & Clients/Apps). Just take your time and you will sort it.

(My primary email account still use the same password ? for both)

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So if this is the case why are all of my Blueyonder emails going to my Thunderbird client ok now when they weren't initially after the VM screw up but my wife's secondary account don't? I haven't set up an app anything, it just came back as before, eventually.

Hi @dcweather, thank you for your query 😀

Is your wife's secondary account currently accessible?

We have now restored the ability to send and receive emails for all affected accounts. Our teams are continuing to work flat out to restore historic emails into the inboxes of a small proportion of accounts.


The forum team seem to be a little unaware of it too, it was clear from your first post what the problem is.

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.
Most things I say I make up and sometimes it's useful, don't be mean if it's wrong.
I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.

Hi - well I have now got them to come through to Thunderbird client. However it still asks for the password (Thunderbird) and says it is incorrect. It will take a bit of time because i tried the old password, the new password and two passwords that were generated by the app which appeared as something from Webmail when I was looking at that the other day. Because there was a delay in mail coming through and it still asks for the pw I'm not sure which one worked and so will have to go through them methodically to try and establish which one is correct.

Dialled in

I must say I appreciate the help and advice given to us so politely on here but it really shouldn't have come to this. The management should have contacted all customers informing them that they were introducing a new password system and given full and clear instructions what to do. What if you don't know about the existence of this forum? The onus shouldn't be on the customer to resolve the issues.