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£75 gift voucher still not sent

Signed up to Virgin Broadband early September and i was told that i would be given an amazon voucher worth £75 after 120 days of service. 

I sent Virgin and email on the 24th January 2021 asking were my voucher was and guess what? no reply and still no voucher. Absolutely shocking that they cannot meet their obligations to a customer and i am strongly thinking of not paying my broadband for 3 months to recoup my free £75 Amazon Voucher.

Not only that but the broadband service has gone pretty shocking with the WIFI continuing to go on and off when it wants and the router lights flashing every so often. The first 2 months were fine but up to date i would not recommend Virgin Broadband. The Customer service is completely shocking too, it would be easier trying to get through to a man on the moon. 

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