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5 years of emails and contacts vanished! Please help?

Hi, yesterday afternoon I looked at my ntlworld emails on my iPhone and the first email in the inbox was from 2016. There was a new email from later that afternoon but everything in between was gone. Sent emails are fine. Contacts, of which there were hundreds are gone too. 5 random contacts remain, one from over 7 years ago. This relates to a secondary email account against this primary account. (email address starts tina....) other email addresses on account are not impacted.

On my iPad the same has happened but the remaining emails are a different bunch from 2017. On the WebApp it is the same.

The only significant change is that 24 hours previously I received a new laptop and setup my account on that. It worked fine at first. Now however it is missing emails back to 2016. This was setup automatically by Windows as a IMAP account and was the first email account as it was a brand new laptop. Everything previously has worked without a hitch for years.

My husband is reasonably tech savy and is at a loss to explain or fix. He thinks something points to the new laptop for obvious reasons but can see nothing wrong. Urgent help would be appreciated as I have lost a huge amount of really valuable information. 

There is no reason to suspect that the account has been compromised. 

Thank you in advance for any help. 

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