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403 Forbidden on webmail (Again)

Tuning in

My email returns the 403 forbidden message now for over two weeks. I've had countless calls to 150 support, all they do is keep on telling me to change my password, and leave it for 20 minutes before trying again. I've now tried the EyesSquared method 3 times to no avail on Chromebook, Windows and Android phone. Still can't get in !

Why don't Virginmedia come clean on this issue and tell me the truth I will probably never see my account again ?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Davidbohl,

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums, we're sorry you're also having issues with your email. 

We are aware of this issue that is affected customer email addresses - where in their email is unavailable/inaccessible. 

Our IT teams are working on getting it resolved and we apologise for the frustration this has caused.

We will of course update affected customers as and when we can.



On our wavelength

Exactly WHEN do the VM IT teams think they may actually fix email so it reliably works.  Mine hasn't worked on my laptop since 19/06/23.  I get the same error I have always got when I try to login to webmail.  I get some emails via a different web client but cannot send any.  It would be VERY helpful if VM plastered the information that EMAIL IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLY all over the main website and kept updating how the work to restore access is getting on.  The only replies that seem to happen are to very few people and mostly only when a problem is resolved.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi KPardoe, 

Thank you for posting.

We apologise for the issues you have faced with the email service. 

The known problem does now appear to have been resolved. 

Can you please confirm if you get any error messages and if this problem is also occurring on any other devices?