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0x800ccc1a Microsoft Outlook 2010

Tuning in

Just recently upgraded to windows 11 and email works fine until laptop is put to sleep and when it is brought out of sleep email fails with error 0x800ccc1a "your server does not support the connectionn encryption type you have specified" but if I restart the laptop it works - any one have a clue


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Mort wrote:

 if I restart the laptop it works - any one have a clue

Sounds like a bug with Outlook 2010. It may be that  some of the server settings in Outlook 2010 are getting lost or reset when it resumes from Sleep in Windows 11.

Does it work ok if you just close down Outlook and then reopen it? (That is without shutting down the laptop itself.)

Does it still happen if you Hibernate the laptop rather then put in into Sleep?

Microsoft  stopped supporting the Office 2010 2 years ago ( )  so any bugs that have cropped up since then will not be fixed.


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Hi Coenoby - thanks for the reply

Outlook works ok if it is closed and re-opened but I have not used the hibernate option, will do today and report back

Hi Coenoby - looks like the hibernate option works !!


So I will continue using that option - thanks