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no loyalty at all

  1. I have been a loyal Virgin customer since virgin took over diamond cable..... At present i only have virgin broadband i am now paying £35+ a month. I was initially quoted £29. i agreed and within 4 months this went up to £32.  The service is appalling as well. The broadband does not work efficiently. I have had several engineer visits. 

Enough is enough... time to say goodbye virgin 





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Re: no loyalty at all

you're right, you are showing no loyalty at all.
oh wait, did you mean a company showing no loyalty to you?

if you don't like the price and the service is poor then clearly you should take your business elsewhere. loyalty pays no part in any business transaction, on both sides.
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Re: no loyalty at all

It is a good idea to shop around and get a better price for your broadband - do it regularly at each contract end date and use the cashback sites to maximise your savings.  If we all did it, then these big companies would start to reward loyal customers.  ATM we are all suckers for staying put.

Be aware that if you use any virgin provided email addresses, you will lose access to them 90 days after you leave.  So use this time to make sure you have a non-ISP linked email address and swap over anything that is connected to your virgin email address.  You will thank yourself !!

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