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new contract

Hi All

I am new here but have been with virgin media for around 15 years or more now.

I just wanted to know if anyone else is having trouble renewing there contract to a better or fair deal.

I have tried to get the same deal that anybody else would be entitled to get signing up to virgin media  but it seems they want to charge me a lot more money and for less services that a new customer can get.

I am not interested in the 200 pound discounts added to accounts for new customers or the new TV etc. just the same services for the same price.

I have found online the big oomph bundle which I have added to with  :

: mixt t v  m500 bb talk weekend phone and 15gb sim card for £47.99 18 mth contract

when I tried to get the same deal I was told the closes they could get was £67.00 but excluding the sim card.

I have called and waited a long time for a reply which under the circumstances I fully understand but I feel I am being exploited for being a long standing customer.

Any help or ideas of who or what I can do to get the same deal for the same services would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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Re: new contract

To be honest the only way you can get a new customer price is to leave and come back as a new customer.

Play the game like a lot of others do, switch between sky/bt for a year/18 months and come back as a new customer.

Or speak to retentions and see what they can offer, just don't expect new customer prices. The offers can change on a daily basis, and you may get a better offer by redialling, there again the newer offers may have even less discounts


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