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when you force me later to have fibre phone line will i get a discount. i ask as it would mean the hub would be on all the time there by adding to the electric bill. but i wont hold me breathe on that


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Straight answer, No. as all phones are, due in the near future, being transferred from the old POTS, whoever supplies your ‘landline’ you are being supplied with the same service, a telephone number you have to pay for it. 

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Alessandro Volta

If energy prices in October 2023 are around £0.27 per kWh, then running the hub 24/7 will cost something like a little under £20 p.a. You have already answered your own question regarding any discount for the extra electricity used!

Some customers use a timer to switch off the hub overnight. Doing that would save on electricity costs but your landline phone would not work post switchover and the hub would not receive any updates overnight.

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As Goslow has said in his reply I wouldn't turn the hub off anyway as a lot of the updates from VM for the boxes done overnight, I guess you might be able to upload them manually by running an update during the day but some of the updates temporarily restrict the use of certain functions so for the saving of a few pence you would be creating a lot of hassle for yourself.