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customer service

by far the worst treatment i have ever recieved by any company, to be treated the way i have been as a customer is nothing short of a disgrace, i have been lied to, constantly put on hold, passed to different departments and promised call backs which never happened, if i was to lie to customers in my own job the way i have been i would be sacked without any doubt, im always made aware that the calls are recorded and i really hope this is the case, just for someone to listen and hear what ive had to put up with, i was told last month on one phonecall that my bill would be £67, and no matter what i would not pay more than that price, i made sure to repeat and ask at least 3 times to make sure everything is clear and always told that this will definitely be the price i pay for my package, then as soon as i check my bill its now £90, ive been on the phone for at least near 2 hours since trying to sort it out, to basically feel as if ive been made a fool off, i was promised a callback on my first call from a manager within 24 hours and of course this didnt happen, then after waiting 24hours on the callback i phoned again to which i got passed to different departments and put on hold each time, finally getting through to someone to be told that i was lying and that i agreed to the £90 price which never in anyway happened i told them to go back and listen and to the call and also listen to me because i know what i agreed to, after not getting anywhere i was told he would need to figure out what happened so i would have to wait on a callback to which i said i dont believe will happen because at this point i had already been lied to enough, i was guarenteed a callback and promised it would be within 2-4 hours, and of course still not recieved this, ive never been as angry to be a customer of a company that lies and treats their paying customers they way ive been treated, all i want to do now is cancel my contract and never go back.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: customer service

Is that your first bill you are discussing?
If so it is always a lot more than the subsequent monthly charge will be as they usually charge a month in advance and also add the "activation" (etc) fees that you may have not realised (or been told!) were being charged. The offshore CS people are usually pretty bad at explaining this.

You could try calling “Retentions” on 150 or 0345 454 1111 - options 1-1-4-5 "Thinking of leaving" - they are open 8am until 10pm but calling early (between 08.00-11.00 is usually best) you will usually get a UK call centre who’s staff are more informed and helpful. Tell them you are thinking of leaving for Sky/BT because of these billing problems and they should be able to tell you what exactly is the situation.

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