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cable installation permission

A few months back we had a chap knocking on our door asking he we would give permission for their new fancy cable to be routed past along the pavement at the end of our garden. As the pavement is part of of our private land, as is the case of all the house in our walk,they needed this from all the residents. However, having seen the terrible work and destruction the workers have caused in the local streets, there is no way Im allowing this work to be done, our pavement is the only route to the houses, which are situated either side and any work these cowboys are going to do will block off the access to the houses, not only for the residents but for emergency services as well. So I need to find out how I can have my permission removed a.s.a.p . I will not allow this work to take place !.

We had a another bloke call round , said he was a customer liason rep, I told him my concerns , he went away and has never returned, didnt leave any contact detail.

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