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abysmal customer service.

What a mistake joining this terrible service.  I've served my time i.e. 12 months fixed contract. I now wish to terminate the contract on the end date but VM just  make it as difficult as possible. You just can't contact them. I now find that on the end date my phone line will be disconnected and i will continue to be charged for broadband at an extortionate rate. All i want to do is terminate my contract on the fixed end date. Tell yr friends avoid Virdin like the PLAGUE>


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Re: abysmal customer service.

why will your phone be disconnected on the 12 month end date - that will only happen if you contact them and give 30 days notice for any or all of your services

at the 12 month date you will go onto a 30 day rolling contract for all your services - as above any or all can then be cancelled or amended at no penalty cost on giving 30 days notice

the extortionate rate? you will be charged at is detailed in your original contract - you knew of that 12 months ago so if you read your original contract it should come as no surprise

it is in fact the correct rate for the services you have had for the last 12 months - what you have been paying is a discounted rate

you can probably get a better rate by talking to them - but thats only possible by phoning which can have long wait times at the moment

if you want to leave its the same phone numbers

dial 150 or 0345 454 1111 and follow the prompts to - 'thinking of leaving us' - then "technical issues" - dont worry about that they do much more - open 8am -10pm 7 days a week - should take you to a UK call centre