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Your monthly usage statement is pointless

does anyone at Virgin actually test these mailers BEFORE they are sent out?

I posted over a year ago, along with a few others, that the usage mailer isn't showing USAGE anymore.  Hasn't done for a VERY long time IMHO

it's just a Virgin SPAM for services you may or may not realise they provide...


interesting points of note this month:

How have you "supercharged my hub with Intelligent WiFi" ...when its in MODEM MODE? 📡


You enlighten me to the fact that I'm in the TOP 20% of customers watching sports... 

seeing as I NEVER turn them on, in fact I tend to look away when they are on the news! 🏅


and while it lists 245 mins of questionable phone usage (a fully itemised list would be more useful) that seems incredibly high for a house that receives more than it makes. a finger-poll estimates 100 outbound calls per week (approx 5 per day) and that hits your top 50% for call usage?! ☎️


Please fix this mailer or just dont send it, its pointless.



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Re: Your monthly usage statement is pointless

Yes, the last few rounds of this nonsense I received had no data in it either, same page display as you but no phone data either.

Buried in the header of the email was a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list which I copied/pasted and got the message "list-unsubscribe received". Maybe, with any luck, I might not get any more although, since it is a VM mailing list, the unsubscribe feature probably won't work either!