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Will be going to the ombudsman

Tuning in


Basically, my internet was down for 17 days, during this time virgin's customer service told me I'd get £8 per day compensation while its down, during this we had a no show from an engineer as we were told hed booked us in wrong, my partner had to wait in for him, we were told we'd get an extra £29 on top from this.


A couple days after this the engineer did come out and said that out cable had been disconnected at the box outside, this was probably a mistake from a previous engineer when carrying out work.


I contacted virgin about the compensation and they said it would be applied to my account and show on my next bill.


My bill then came through with no credit, i called them up and they said a manager would call me back, i never received a call back so i posted on twitter and virgin replied and said they'd escalate it and apologised.


I then get an email today saying they cant locate my account but here's a £20 credit for your trouble, even though my account number was on the top of the email!


Then i spent nearly 2 hours on hold and being passed around only to be told i had an intermittent signal fault so they wont give compensation even though it was a total outage and the cable was unplugged at the box outside and they ignored the engineers no show!


I then continue to get passed around and i tried to cancel my account as I no longer wanted to deal with virgin only to then get hung up on and stuck on hold for another hour with no answer!


Now I'm stuck with what to do, virgin clearly don't want to help and are fine lying to their customers and going back on what they've said, the only option looks like taking it to the ombudsman.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Alessandro Volta

Are you seeking the compensation or wanting to leave or both things?

VM trying to not pay out the correct compo, while offering a much lesser 'goodwill' credit, gets mentioned regularly on here.

Details are everything when working out the correct compo. Check the T&Cs of the scheme and work out what you think you are due

Note the fact that VM gets two clear working days to fix a fault before the compo clock starts and also methods of reporting. VM needs to give you 24 hours notice if they cancel an appointment.

You would reject VM's 'resolution' and demand a deadlock letter (which VM should proactively offer you once you reject the resolution). With the deadlock letter, or 8 weeks after you complained, you can go to Ombudsman Services

To leave VM, the method which seems to have most reliability is to write to VM and use a signed for delivery service

Click the 'I want to cancel' button for the Sunderland address

No guarantees VM won't mess that up in some way but a letter does have some legal weight as a means of giving notice and you would have a proof of delivery date.

And since VM seems to have failed you in regards to both complaints and cancellations you can share your experience with OFCOM

They launched an investigation into VM last week specifically into VM's cancellation and complaints processes.

Case ref. no. and an email at the bottom of the above page or submit with same info via the contact form

Submitting information won't help your individual case but it will contribute to the OFCOM investigation and it sounds like your experience is directly relevant to the terms of reference of the investigation.

On our wavelength

I had my telephone disconnected in June 2023 by /VM without and prior notice of correspondence.  Took ages and two weeks to get their Indian call centre to answer who then asked for my bank sort code as a security question.  What, are you serious?  Finally, a more clued in person arranged to get the telephone line reconnected.  That part went well.  Then the monthly bill came in.  £5.23 credited (probably for loss of service) then next line down, £5.23 debited.  Go figure but who really wants to deal with a company that does these things. 😞