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Wifi Pods

Just joined

Like several other posts I am looking for help to request wifi pod(s). I have run a scan on the connect app, three rooms at the back of the house have fair to low signal. Initially it came up with a note that wifi pods may help..unfortunately I ignored this and continued scanning the rest of the house and now it just says several issues may affect wifi performance and refers me to a samknows page explaining about these issues which does not fix the problem. I tried phoning customer services but end up in a continuous loop. Please would someone from the Virginmedia team reach out to me.  Thank you


On our wavelength

Ive got 2 pods, The 1st pod was for free when they done the beta trial on release then got my 2nd pod delivered last week.

You need to do a scan on the connect app

Take a screen shot of the results

Go on live chat and request a pod. The agent will ask you to upload screenshots of the scan results and then order the pod for you which should be delivered by yodel a few days later.

Little tip,- The chat agent might say there is a £8pm charge for the pod unless you're a volt customer, Do not accept the charge and state the VM wifi guarantee policy. If the agent wont budge, Simply decline and end the chat then re try with an other agent eventually you should get it FOC. It took me 2 attempts to get the 2nd pod for free. 

Im on the maxit tv / 200mgb internet package I now have 2x pods and wifi is much better throughout my house and i dont pay any extra for the pods.