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Why is it so hard to cancel my broadband?

This is my story so far, a diary of events and still no nearer to cancelling my contract.

Monday 18th January

10:48 - Call Time 28mins 25seconds

Cancellations Department

Password I’ve used for several years wouldn’t work

Reset Password with agent

Told that only House Move Department could cancel my account

Tuesday 19th January

08:55 – Call Time 36mins 20seconds

Called House Move Department

New password wouldn’t work – agent had no other way to pass security with no further questions available. Recommended I transfer to customer services to reset my password.

Directed to a link to the house move page of the virgin media website – link is inactive

Transferred to Customer Services

Passed security with additional questions – told that only House Move Department could cancel my account.

Transferred to House Move

Agent couldn’t log in and had to phone his manager to reset his password, after 5minutes on hold, agent took my contact number to call me back in 10 minutes.

After waiting 30mins with no call-back called to start again

Tuesday 19th January (Continued)

10:46 – Call Time 41mins 55seconds

Called House Move Department

Password not working - Agent couldn’t ask additional questions, suggested I transfer to Customer Services Department to answer them there. They could then “Warm Transfer” me back through to House Move Department.

Transferred to Customer Services

They now cannot take me through security, and I cannot get access to my account to cancel my account. They can send out a password reset to my old address only. I cannot get post there as I do not live there anymore.

Email address the agent gave me is inactive.

Issued a complaint giving my 30 days notice and asking for a final bill to be issued.

Tuesday 2nd February

Got email saying they have tried to contact me, that is a lie as my phone was by my side all day. Apparently my complaint is resolved and have been directed towards their website and told to just call customer services.

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Re: Why is it so hard to cancel my broadband?

you can cancel by writing to them at the address listed on your contracts Ts&Cs


My Broadband Ping - spgray

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Re: Why is it so hard to cancel my broadband?

Hi why are they putting you through to the house move dept, to cancel you ask for retentions, or as spgray has said put it in writing, are you cancelling altogether or moving the account to another address, you don't make it very clear. Regards Micky
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