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What is the law regarding DNS hijacking?

Simple question, really, what is the law regarding DNS hijacking
I find legal questions quite complex to research. I dont quite know why.
However, my question arises from this:
Back in the 1960's and 70's it was considered to be against the law
for television and radio companies to track what individual users
were watching or listening to. Just as it was illegal for libraries to
keep a list of what individuals were reading. This was the case because a
great many laws existed regarding the extent of the police state

These days, however, it seems ISP's and search engines have no such moral regard
and, instead, would sell that data to the highest bidder (commercially) or to the
closest government (through legal blackmail) in an instant

Does anyone these days even want personal privacy or does apathy reign supreme?

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Re: What is the law regarding DNS hijacking?

Research using a DNS provider that uses HTTPS, like Cloudflare.

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Re: What is the law regarding DNS hijacking?

If in the UK, it would come under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.  Accessing a computer by illegal means (hacking),  accessing a computer (system) illegally in order to commit  further illegal activity, modifying data stored on a computer without permission.

Computer Misuse Act (1990) - Ethical, legal and environmental impact - CCEA - GCSE Digital Technolog...

Computer Misuse Act 1990 (

*DISCLAIMER Not a lawyer.

Some additional thoughts:

The internet doesn't work like TV and legislation has taken a while to catch up.  All the stuff about cookies (small text files) that keep website data is only fairly recent thing (ie. in the last 25 years or so) but amassing and selling data is a relatively new phenomenon due to technological advancement. As it sped up, massive amounts of data (and not knowing sources) can be sent around the world quickly with comparative ease, a problem the general public have basically sleepwalked into. The internet is now used for things it was never intended for, and it has never been fit for purpose IMO.  ⚠️ Be careful about your data and be aware of whom you are sending it to.

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Re: What is the law regarding DNS hijacking?

A tip I found useful was when signing up to a website use their name as part of your name ie "John Amazon-Smith" when you get emails you can tell what company is selling your information 

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