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Want to end my contract

Joining in

I been trying to get through to any Idiot to end my contract as its expired over a hr twice plus online chat no one is answering 


Is this Virgins new ploy so people can not end their contracts


Dialled in

The forum team are very helpful here, but I feel it is a disgrace, I waited an hour on the phone to speak to an unmoving operator, and a chat ended up 2 hours wait, but the system is unmoving.

After posting here, I was called by phone by a VM person, I think as a result of one of the Team here, and I cancelled over the phone, but doubled up with a signed for tracked letter to the address in Sunderland I was given here. The receipt I have Shows Virgin Media, post code Code SR43 4AA, but it is online, and on this forum, so please check. 

I cancelled 13 days before my current contract expires, (23rd September), giving them 30 days notice, so ending on the 12th October.  There has been no confirmation of either my cancelling on the phone, when I was told I would get an email, or the written cancellation from yesterday, which is, to a degree, understandable. As a point, my contract bill last year was £58, with I understood a £10 reduction, this went up to £70 end of April, and £80.43 this year with no rebate. The new provider transferred the landline this week, prematurely, and an updated contract was sent to me virtually the same day, now £93 with no landline.

It is amazing how quick VM can act putting up a charge for actually removing a service, yet I have not had any official notification of my leaving. On reading the problems of communication people are having, with a communications company, it is clear VM are doing themselves no good at all, as who would want to return to a company that cannot even provide a reasonable communication service, whether having problems, or wanting to cancel, or both.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @hades8840 

The forum team don't have access to the cancellation systems.

The quickest contact method is by calling either 150 from a VM landline or mobile, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone, call around 8am if possible when lines first open and are least busy.

You can also speak to the team on WhatsApp on 0730 532 7112 but this method can take 4 to 6 hours as phone calls take priority..

You could try the live messenger chat 

Also, as indicated on that page, you can use good old snail mail.

Write to Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA, including your name, address and account number. Send it by registered (signed for) post.

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