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Wall Socket - internal wall

I am moving to a new house and have ordered a virgin media bundle. I would like to have the TV in a different place than they currently have it. I have booked an engineer? I’m expecting that they will need to install a new wall socket as I don’t want a cable running through the middle of a room.


is it an issue for engineers to be able to install wall sockets on internal walls?

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Re: Wall Socket - internal wall

Depends where the preferred location is that you want the TV.

In most installations if the TV was say going in the opposite corner of living room to where the cable comes in from outside then cable would be clipped to the skirting around the room to get to the TV box,

or if it was being installed to a room in the back of the house it would also be clipped through living room to back room and would just pass through the internal walls without sockets,

However if say it was going to a room at the back and it was possible to run the cabling outsides down the side of the house (semi-detached) then they would normally be happy to do that and drill through the back wall and fit another wall socket.

Wall sockets will be installed anywhere an external cable needs to be isolated and converted to internal cable.

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