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Virgin van Parking issue

Unfortunately, there is a cable junction box fairly near my house, which has meant that repairs etc are done at any time of day with as much noise as they need - I accept the inconvenience and recognise that we can't stop progress, hence the need to keep the fibre optic cable serviced. On the whole, the crew seem fairly affable.

However, this afternoon I reserved the space outside my house  as I was expecting a delivery and I only have off street parking. I stayed home for this delivery, and also talked to my neighbours about it the day before, warning them that I would be reserving the bay outside my house.  As most of them work during the day there's usually a lot of space elsewhere on the street, and none were inconvenienced by me.

Despite having put out my bins to hold the space  outside the house, a virgin van pulled up on the pavement thereby blocking any access the delivery vehicle would have to my house. When I explained to the engineer that I had reserved that space as the delivery was expected in about 10 minutes, and asked if he could move, he refused. I said that I had stayed home and had a big logistical arrangement for this (it took over 3 weeks to arrange), and that it would be helpful if he could move his van so it wouldn't be blocking the access they would need, he replied 'no problem' but then didn't do anything.

His mate come over and I heard him laughing to the guy about it. It's almost like he was doing it on purpose.

Luckily, the lovely people who were bringing my husband's late parents precious (and only!) family heirloom, were most accommodating and parked further up the street. But it took 3 of us to carry the piece of furniture down the road to my house.

I seriously don't understand the mindset of this Virgin employee! Is he representative of the company? I really hope not. I do hope it wasn't because I'm a woman who had made the request, that he felt he could behave in the way he did. Let's hope it isn't. Either way, there was a distinct lack of courtesy and respect. I wouldn't treat anyone the way he behaved, particularly as I don't think he'd put up with the same if I came round to his house, blocked his pavement despite being politely asked not to.

Thanks for listening. I can't imagine there's any resolution to this as I'm not sure you can teach an adult to be respectful and considerate if their default is to be pig-headed and obstructive. But I feel better for talking.

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Re: Virgin van Parking issue

Probably was not actually a VIrgin engineer, but a sub contractor, they have sign written vans and the same uniform so hard to tell the difference unless you have worked for them, then you can spot them a mile away!

judging by the attitude id guess they were subbies Smiley Happy

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