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Virgin Media errors resulting in default

As a result of a number of errors made by Virgin, I  have now had a default added to my credit score. This is a very small sum, but is preventing me from obtaining a mortgage for my family, the stress of which is seriously effecting my health. Not only do I have a very small window before losing the house but, if I miss the stamp duty holiday I will never be able to afford a house. 
The errors made by virgin which culminated in the default are as follows - note I have emailed credit amendments team and also have been referred to executive complaints without any response. I have explained numerous times to numerours people that this is time sensitive - but it seems the specifics of my case are not being taken into account and I am just being met with a very slow, generic process. 
Here is the summary of the errors made which have resulted in a default: 
1. I had attempted to move the account over to a house mate in April 2019 as I was about to go travelling; virgin confirmed this was done via telephone - however it was not changed over and stayed in my name.
2. I attempted to move the account over a second time in August; again, I was told by the virgin customer services team that this had been done - but it had not (for a second time)
3. In August I called customer services for a third time, as I was moving out, and asked why the account had not been moved over to my flatmate; they informed me that you cannot move an account over and the best course of action is to close my account and for my housemate to open a new one. They apologise for the misinformation I had received the previous two times. I informed them of my new address, just in case they needed to contact me, and they assured me that the new address had been added to my file.
4. Upon cancelling the account, I settled my balance and confirmed with Virgin that I had nothing left to pay - they assured me this was correct and I asked them to email me confirmation of this and my change of address. I did not receive an email. 
5. January I receive an email from a debt collector - and find out the account has gone into default. The debt collector sends me over copies of the notices that Virgin have been sending me, and they have been sending them to my old address- despite me telling them my new address. 
This is a result of two errors on virgins side  - 1) falsely confirming to me that there would be no additional charges and that the account was settled and 2) not updating my address and as a result not sending the notices to the correct address.
As a result of this, I am about to lose the house I have agreed purchase on, lose out on solicitor fees, and will have a default on my account for 6 years. I am a committed virgin customer, I have a virgin money account which at the time had around £15K in (so I obviously had means to pay!). 
I have provided proof of my change of address, proof of savings with virgin, proof that bills were sent to the incorrect address.
1. Confirmation of my change of address in August
2. Bills which show that virgin were still sending correspondence to the incorrect address.
3. Proof of my savings in my virgin account at the time of default.
I am hoping this can be escalated (I am not making any progress by using the generic email addresses) and that with a combination of humility by admitting human error, realising that I am a committed customer to Virgin, and as an act of grattitude in what are already extremly challenging times the default can be removed.
I would be devastated for me and my young family to have this stay on my credit file for 6 years, preventing me from purchasing a house, because of a string of small errors made by virgin which have now resulted in a big problem for me.
Virgin, please assist - I am all but begging as this has cause extreme emotional distress and impacted my health.


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