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Virgin Media customer services / retention department is beyond disgraceful !

Firstly I do not believe the calls when working for virgin can be recorded... it just doesn't appear possible unless literally the conduct of the staff is a free for all. This people are just hanging up on folks on a whim. 'Don't understand how to deal with a query (Hang-up). Not sure what to tell you (Hang-up). The customer appears to know more than me about information that should have been recorded on the system (Hang-up). It's 2mins from 18:00 on the 27/12/2021 and i'm working from home (Hang-up). 

The first few hang-ups were from the depts in Asia, the others where from the UK. I spent circa 2hrs repeating myself to each new person I spoke with. To say it was painful is an understatement. I actually recorded the calls myself as I advised my others who have gone through a similar experience to do so, I just never would have thought is was this bad. 

I genuinely don't think there's even any point in making a complaint as it appears to be so widespread that this must be the culture within this company. 


To think, all I was enquiring about was when will I receive my SH4 for Gig1 that goes with my O2 sim that has already arrived. 


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