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Virgin 360 Mini Boxes

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Back when Virgin introduced their V6 Box we wanted chose to have a second one in our Bedroom - SInce then we have been upgraded to Virgin 360 and two new boxes arrived. I have been charged for two boxes for a number of years however I now have stumbled upon the Mini Boxes - Apart from the extra recording capacity, these Mini Boxes seem to do the same for a lot less money. Is this another case of Inertia Selling ?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi oakenlivery 

The mini boxes don't have a recording facility, hence they are half the size of the main 360 box. 

It's possible that you have two main 360 boxes. The V6 boxes generally receive a software upgrade so you keep the recording facility on both boxes.  It's normally only 

It's possible that when you upgraded in 2021 that you had the older tivo boxes so they were swapped out for new 360 boxes because the old tivo's can't be upgraded. Or you only had one box, a V6, which would have received the update and that you added a second box which would have been the mini box.


EDIt - Looking at your 2021 post you may well be out of contract and thus paying full price now.  If that's the case  I suggest you contact VM by phone or whatsapp and negotiate a new price point.

main 360 (left) and mini 360 (right)main 360 (left) and mini 360 (right)

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