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VM wifi boosters | do they work?

On our wavelength

VM set us up for failure by installing our phone, broadband and TiVo box in a corner with very short cables so we can’t move these further apart to get a decent wifi signal in other rooms. We’ve practically nothing upstairs. 

Trying to contact VM to sort this out by, at the very least, reinstalling everything to their own best practice guidance has been fruitless. Even the CEO of Liberty Global hasn’t bothered to respond.

I bought a wifi booster that helps a bit but I’m considering buying the VM booster. Had anyone had similar issues then success with their Wifi booster?

I’m paying a hefty £80+ for the Oompf bundle that can’t even deliver decent coverage in other rooms and I have to use an Ethernet cable to work. 


Alessandro Volta

If you don't qualify for the 'free' VM pods as part of a specific package, the cost is £8 per month (see FAQs below for qualifying packages)

If you have to pay for them (a never-ending subscription to VM) the usual advice on here would be to consider getting your own networking equipment instead (mesh wi-fi, wireless access points etc.) which you will own permanently and have direct control over.

For advice on networking equipment, try a post in the 'Networking and Wifi' forum for recommendations as 'Community Natter' is more for general non-technical topics.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, MayArea20.

Thank you for reaching out on our help forums and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to see you've been having issues with your equipment set up and Wi Fi coverage in the house, we'd love to best assist with this matter.

The coverage can be rectified by boosting the signal to areas where Wi Fi signal is weak, we do have a new service called Wi Fi Max in place for this.

Wi Fi Max is free on our 1Gig Fibre or Volt deals, or it can be added for £8 per month if you're on any other bundle.
This will provide with a Wi Fi speed guarantee of 30Mbps on each device as a minimum, as well as up to 3 Wi Fi Pods to use and amplify the wireless signal to the rest of the house.

We'll be happy to perform more checks and assist you with ordering your first pod should you wish to go for this.

Alternatively, as from what you mentioned above you're not happy with the hub's location we could arrange a relocation appointment with one of our engineers so you can move this to a part of the house that suits you best? 

Please, note that such a visit is being charged with £25 on the bill to come out next, so please let us know if this is of your preference and we'll be eager to help making arrangements.

Let us know of your thoughts on the above and if you have any questions, cheers.

Forum Team

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