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Totally disappointed

Joining in

I am going to be leaving VM after 23 years with Comcast,NTL and now virgin. I only wish to say what a total waste of time. I pay £75 per month to only watch 2 channels on TV and pay for 1 gig internet and my speed test only ever shows between 99.5 mbs to 120mbs . What a crock of **** . Internet is always going down , just seems to get worse every year. Can't wait to get rid and go to better provider. Totally dissatisfied with service. Anyone else feeling the same ?


Alessandro Volta

You won't have to look too far on here to find similar stories of dissatisfaction.

If you want help in trying to remedy the problems then you may find some help on here in a relevant forum. This 'Community Natter' forum is generally non-technical and the VM forum staff don't often reply here.

If you have gone past that point, and just want to leave, then give VM your 30 days cancellation notice and move on to (hopefully) better service with a better provider and for a better price.