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Third party VOIP with VM

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I got so ticked off with VM, I decided to minimise my exposure to them. So I now have just broadband with them. We need a landline, so I have a Vonage VOIP box attached. It has worked great, cheaper and better than VMs offering. For example My mobile phone is an extension on the main phone.

This morning, the extension rang but the main phone attached to the Vonage box didn't. I did some research and there seems to be a problem with something called SIP ALG. Most VOIP providers want you to switch it off on the router. So I loaded up the admin system on my Hub 4, bit I can't find SIP ALG anywhere.

Does anyone know where to find it. Or is it yet another way VM have found to make my life difficult?



You won't find it, the option just doesn't exist!

In a previous life, I too had a VM broadband connection with Vonage and it all worked perfectly; except I had the VM hit in modem mode with a separate third party router. It was some time ago, so I can't recall if I had to specifically disable SIP ALG (may have been off by default), but I do know what it means, and yes it does need disabling.

You may well have to get your own router to be able to do this.

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You will be unsurprised to learn that it is the latter. Get a better router and stick the hub in modem mode. You can then do what you like. See this guide on where to find this setting across all the main brands. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Confused.  Are you saying the "bell" doesn't ring on the main phone, but does on the extension?  Also does the main phone work, as in a two way conversation?  I think ( and I might be wrong) the SIP ALG has no relation to a phone ringing?

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We have 3 VOIP lines with Sipgate on Cisco kit, our Hub 3 is in Router mode, they have operated since winter 2017.

In the current configuration has the main phone ever rung on inbound calls ?