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Stop wasting money on junk mail

aaaaaaaa.jpgVirgin Media. There is junkmail and then there is this total nonsense.
How much money has it cost to send this complete rubbish to your customers?

For the record i have not watched ANY films in the past 6 months let alone 7 hours in May.
And what if i did? why do you feel the need to spend money on paper, print, labour and postage to let me know? And you feel justified to increase my bill?

Here's a tip. Stop sending pointless c***. Instantly you will save money. Savings you can pass onto loyal customers who are close to reducing or cancelling their service !aaaaaaaa.jpg

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Re: Stop wasting money on junk mail

clearly it must work for the business otherwise they wouldn't do it.
if it always results in a loss to the business then they wouldn't do it.


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Re: Stop wasting money on junk mail

Some people like this stuff, some people don't care and recycle it straightaway and some people dislike it to the extent that they post here. The cost to VM of sending it wouldn't give you 1p of your bill and mine too for that matter. It is all part of their marketing budget. If they didn't send this they'd annoy you some other way (probably). 

If you are loyal customer you can always try to negotiate a better price with VM by phoning them. They may do a deal. And frequently do.

In the meantime go to My Virginmedia and change your marketing preferences. I did and I'm never bothered with stuff like this.

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