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Spray paint

Joining in

This morning I noticed a spray painted green square with a diagonal cross in it, on the pavement outside my house. No other markings like it in the street. Is this likely anything to do with Virgin or any other telecoms company? (I understand it’s the colour they all use), and if so, does anyone know what it means?


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Telecoms use green paint.  

You should be able to find out details here: 

Hmmmm, that link says green used by water and sewage

Thanks, but nothing showing for our street on there

Alessandro Volta

Keep looking. If the marking has just been put there it may take a while to be approved. Also check the date setting on the site.

Alessandro Volta

@Lothianjim wrote:
Hmmmm, that link says green used by water and sewage

Telecoms use green. I have never seen them use that orange colour.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I have known BT/OpenReach to use white.

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