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So sick of getting fone calls from 7 in the morning through to like 4 times a day saying there from virginmedia I think these people are scammers how do u get rid of them doing my head in 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Scammers

Scam calling is a modern day plague, and although both Sky and BT offer halfway decent incoming landline call screening options, VM remain resolutely in the dark ages with no competent offer.  Even Talktalk offer a moderately competent call screening service, but VM....nope, that's your and my problem.

There's no way of stopping scammers attempting to call you (because the activity is illegal even in India where most calls originate, some even use random number dialling), and because caller line ID has no security measures to stop the scammers making out the call is from any number they choose, blocking specific incoming numbers is almost totally ineffective.  But there are things you can do:

You can buy a Truecall box and fit that.  It'll automatically screen calls, and unless the number is in your phone book it will divert to answerphone without the handset ringing.  Obviously any unknown number has to leave voicemail, but the scammers never leave voicemail, so the problem goes away, but it is expensive (£100, then £20 a year, I think).   A close relative has this, and it works superbly well. 

You can buy some phone handsets notably from BT or Panasonic that have a more limited form of this capability built in, and those can be quite cheap (eg BT4600 for about £40) but I can't speak from experience how easy they are to setup and how well they work, although it has very good reviews.

Or you could take your business to BT or Sky, and enable the relevant call screening capability.  Again, I can't speak from experience as to how well this works, but a few enquiries in their customer forums would perhaps tell you.

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Re: Scammers

@Tonymc41 wrote:

So sick of getting fone calls from 7 in the morning through to like 4 times a day saying there from virginmedia I think these people are scammers how do u get rid of them doing my head in 

The scammers are indeed a modern plague. I used to get upto 3 or 4 of them per day at its worst. I have fitted a trueCall unit and I get no scam calls ringing through to my phone now. It has stopped them 100%.

Some further additions to @Andrew-G's description, the trueCall screens calls rather than blocks numbers. When an unknown (scam) call comes in where the number is not logged in the unit, the caller is asked to state who they are a to press a specific key on the keypad. The automated scam calls cannot do this and so the call is dropped without the phone in the home ringing. This has the advantage that legitimate unknown callers who might withhold a number (such as doctors, hospitals etc.) can still get through by completing the screening process.

If a caller completes the screening process, the home phone rings and the customer hears the caller's announcement. The customer can accept or reject the call without speaking to the caller.

The above is the default setup. If the customer chooses a 'do not disturb' mode, the calls can go direct to answering machine without the phone ringing, to be dealt with later.

The unit comes with an optional web interface to allow tracking of the calls in/out and remote administration of the unit. This is free for the first year. The customer can pay £20 per year after that if they want to continue to use the feature but, once the unit is set up, it is not really necessary IMO and the unit can be operated locally via the phone key pad and spoken instructions from the trueCall device. The web interface would, however, be useful if having to remotely operate the unit for another person (such as an elderly family member etc.).

Further comments about the trueCall posted below last week