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Scam calls and blocking

This week I have received 2 scam calls claiming to be from the HMRC and this has seriously p****d me off as we have not had any for years this has started however within a week of getting a cold call from Virgin, coincidence ? I dont believe in them can VM block the number.

I'm not impressed with VM especially after all the crap last year and the fact that we had no TV broadband or home phone for 32+hours a few weeks ago can this number be blocked and how do I go about it

Thanks for any help

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Re: Scam calls and blocking

VM don't do any number blocking and blocking individual scam numbers is unlikely to be successful as the scammers change caller ID numbers regularly. You end up in a never-ending round of number blocking and your old blocked numbers will probably never actually be put into use when the scammers' caller ID changes for a new one.

Consider a phone upgrade to deal with them. I use a call screening device. Works best with an ordinary cordless phone system

or there are BT phones available which have trueCall technology built in (look for that in the product description). They are similar but not quite as customisable as the standalone trueCall device IMO.

The devices require unknown callers to say who they are and press a key on their phone before the call is allowed to progress and ring your home phone. The automated scam callers cannot respond to this and so the call is dropped without your phone ringing.

Known callers logged in the phonebook of the device ring through without any screening. Genuine unknown callers, such as doctors, hospitals etc., are able to complete the screening process and still get through.

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