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Round in Circles !

Is everyone else experiencing the 'Round in Circles' process that VM seem to have going on ?

My current contract has ended and is now to costly. Called VM to cancel and they started to offer discounts. In between conversations I saw a package that was slightly better than my current one but cheaper. I asked if I could have this. Yes but not at that price. When I asked why not, I was politely told I would need to speak to another team and was transferred. Twice this happened and I was cut off both times. I tried live chat but clearly that was automated. This was all at the weekend and after about 3 hours of talking, typing, holding on listening to music, I gave up thinking it was due to the weekend.

Tried again today. Even worse. No connection on 150. Live chat had long delays. Passed through to another team without any real explanation it was happening but this team could not do anything different to the first !

Saw the package on line being offered to new and existing customers but when clicking the link it was only available to new customers.

Another 3 hours wasted !

Come on VM. Get your processes sorted. I appreciate Covid has an impact but as this is an online or phone based service, it really should be sorted and back to normal by now.

I bet if I call the new customer line I will get through straight away !


Never known such a poor service from VM in all the years I have been with them. Makes me wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere ?


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Re: Round in Circles !

@CMDave wrote:

Makes me wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere 

 you'll never know unless you go and see. sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.


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